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Links to Astronomical Oservatories and external services useful for observers

Last update: February 01, 2023

Page prepared by Francesco Manca obs.sormano@alice.it

Here there are some links to external web page useful for the Observers as the ephemeris service or other links related to asteroid and comets. Objects available in our Sormano Priority Lists extracted from SAEL, MPBL, PCEL can be also calculated for a specific Observatory Code using links below. Other links could be an help to start with follow-up of selected objects like new discovery as PHAs, NEAs or so on.

Any comment and/or suggestion or links to be add will be welcomed.


IAU Minor Planet Center








Lowell Observatory

Lowell Observatory

Sormano Astronomical Observatory

Sormano Astronomical Observatory

other links of interest

Observatories involved in the follow up and research of minor planets

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