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Sormano Astronomical Observatory: PRISMA (Prima Rete Italiana per lo Studio sistematico delle Meteore e dell'Atmosfera)

Last update: September 21, 2018

Contact: Francesco Manca ( obs.sormano@alice.it ).

PRISMA (Prima Rete Italiana per lo Studio sistematico delle Meteore e dell'Atmosfera) is a project started with an All-Sky camera installed at the INAF Observatory of Pino Torinese Italy in cooperation with the existing French project FRIPON. In this way has been tested the real performance of the project having the goal to observe and record the fireballs, calculating their trajectories and orbits, reducing the uncertainty area where fragments can be find out before the possible contamination of the terrestrial environment.


Courtesy skyandtelescope.com

Meteor Terminology


Diagram of succession of events per year

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Afterwards to the first test, seven camera were connected in the north of Italy within the end of 2016,
more other cameras were scheduled to be installed at INAF or Amateur Astronomical Observatories and
public facilities in order to cover a 100 km area among them.

Camera Specifications: Basler acA1300-30gm

CCD Sensor Sony ICX445
Frame Rate 30 fps
Resolution 1.3 Mpx (1296 px x 966 px)
Sensor size 4.9 mm x 3.6 mm
Pixel size 3.75 μm x 3.75 μm

At the beginning of the year 2018 n.20 All-Sky camera were in operating status, so at this time
Sormano Astronomical Observatory received the request to join the project covering its area in the North of Italy.


(click on the map for the current stations list)


The cooperation to the PRISMA project started in May 2018 when the All-Sky
camera has been installed and connected to the network in operative status.

Station code ITLO02

Geographic coordinates WGS84
Longitude 9° 13' 42".89 East
Latitude 45° 52' 58".80 North
Height 1131 m, MSL


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