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description of the auxiliary station
"Sormano2-Bellagio Via Lattea (L06)"

 Station Sormano2 code L06

Starting from 2017 a new station, named Sormano2 - Bellagio Via Lattea (MPC code L06), joined Sormano Astronomical Observatory MPC code 587 The station is located at Bellagio, about 10 Km north of the Sormano headquarter.

The main instrument (at right) is a 0.36m Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope + focal reducer (f/6.7) with a Moravian G2-1600 CCD camera (field of view of 20' x 13'). A secondary instrument (at left), a Newtonian Reflector telescope 20 cm (f/3.8) with a correct FOV 1.2 x 1.0 degrees, is particularly suited for astrophotography of comets.


Astrometric Activity (updated through May 2024)

Number of observations

Comets Minor planets
529 845

Osservatorio Sormano2-Bellagio Via Lattea
Local TV interview (italian language)

Geographic coordinates WGS84 :
Sormano2 - Bellagio Via Lattea (MPC code L06)

Longitude: 9' 15' 14.50 East
Latitude: 45* 58' 12.36 North
Height: 323 m, a.s.l.



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