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Minor Planet (6206) Corradolamberti

Minor Planet (6206) Corradolamberti

Minor Planet (6206) Corradolamberti, animation of CCD images taken on September 03. 2018 at Sormano2-Bellagio Via Lattea
dedicated to Prof. Corrado Lamberti.

(6206) Corradolamberti
Named in honor of Corrado Lamberti, an excellent writer and popularizer of astronomy and one of the founders and now director of the Italian popular astronomy review l'Astronomia. With his accurate work over the last 20 years, he has made a fundamental contribution to the dissemination of knowledge of astronomy in Italy. Name suggested and citation provided by M. di Martino.
(MPC 33787)
Discovery site : Anderson Mesa
Discoverer(s) : Bowell, E

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