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Minor Planet (7866) Sicoli

Minor Planet (7866) Sicoli

Minor Planet (7866) Sicoli, animation of CCD images taken on January 13. 2018 at Sormano2-Bellagio Via Lattea
dedicated to Piero Sicoli (b. 1954) member of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory IAU code 587

(7866) Sicoli
Named in honor of Piero Sicoli (b. 1954), leader of a group of amateur astronomers who have, for some years, been observing minor planets and comets from Sormano Observatory, near Como. As well as making a number of discoveries, Sicoli has undertaken fine follow-up work of near-earth objects and has computed many orbits.
(MPC 35488)
Discovery site : Anderson Mesa
Discoverer(s) : Bowell, E.

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