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Minor Planet (10149) Cavagna

Minor Planet (10149) Cavagna

Minor Planet (10149) Cavagna, animation of CCD images taken on November 14. 2017 at Sormano2-Bellagio Via Lattea
dedicated to Marco Cavagna (1958-2005) was a member of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory IAU code 587

(10149) Cavagna
Named in honor of Marco Cavagna (b. 1958), Italian amateur astronomer. He began observing comets, variable stars and occultations at an early age. In 1989 he was one of the promoters of the follow-up program, with special interest in NEOs, at Sormano Observatory. Cavagna introduced the discoverers to the Italian astrometric community during its first meeting, held in Verona in 1991.
(MPC 35494)
Discovery site : San Marcello
Discoverer(s) : Tombelli, M., Boattini, A.

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