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In this page we list the citations accompanying the attribution of names,
approved by Commission 20 of IAU (International Astronomical Union)
for the asteroids discovered at Sormano Astronomical Observatory .
The complete Alphabetical List of the names of the numbered minor planets
is available at the Minor Planet Center web site.

(6882) Sormano

Sormano - Lombardia Named in honor of the mountain village of Sormano and its nearby observatory where this object was discovered. The facility, built in 1986 by amateur astronomers of the Gruppo Astrofili Brianza, is located on the PreAlps of Lombardy, in northern Italy, between the southern arms of the Lake of Como. Since its beginning, the observatory was mainly involved in astrometric works of minor planets and comets, in particular to the follow-up of Near Earth Objects.

(from MPC 27130)


(7199) Brianza

Brianza - Lombardia Named for the area located among the cities of Milan, Como and Lecco. Probably this name derives from the Celtic word brig (i.e., height). In fact Brianza is a verdant land, with lakes, hills and prealpine mountains but also one of the most industrial and productive part of Italy. It is also in honor of the amateurs group (of which the discoverers are members) Gruppo Astrofili Brianza in the celebration of fifteen years of activity.

(from MPC 29149)


(7848) Bernasconi

Giovanni and Angelo Bernasconi Named in memory of the brothers Giovanni (1901-1965) and Angelo (1911-1990) Bernasconi, renowned italian amateur astronomers. The former was codiscoverer of comets 1941 VIII (although his discovery was not registered because of a delay in the communications due to the war in Europe), 1942 IV and 1948 IV. The latter was a serious student of comets. His original studies on a method for determining the real shape and orientation of cometary tails were published in such prestigious journals as Memorie della Societa' Astronomica Italiana and Icarus. Both brothers were active observers of comets, meteors and variable stars as AAVSO members. In 1965 they established in Saronno (northern Italy) a club of amateur astronomers, now named Gruppo Astrofili Giovanni e Angelo Bernasconi. Citation provided by Luigi Pansecchi at the request of the discoverers.

(from MPC 30803)


(8106) Carpino

Mario Carpino Named in honor of Mario Carpino (b. 1957), italian astronomer at Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan. He begun his scientific career by studying satellite geodesy; from this experience he retained the taste for extreme precision in orbit determination. He later applied these skills to the study of the dynamics of solar system bodies being involved in projects such as LONGSTOP and SPACEGUARD. He gave essential contributions to the development of public domain software systems to process astrometric observations of asteroids and comets and relative orbits computation. These works help many amateur astronomers to be significant contributors to the global efforts on asteroids. When The Spaceguard Foundation was established he become its secretary. Citation prepared by A. Milani at the request of the discoverers.

(from MPC 31299)


(8111) Hoepli

Ulrico Hoepli Named in memory of Ulrico Hoepli (1847-1935), the founder of Hoepli Publishing Company and Hoepli International Bookstore in Milan. One of the greatest publishers of his time, Ulrico Hoepli published several important astronomy works within the 8000 titles the company printed; he was the publisher of G. V. Schiaparelli. Today the company is still managed by the Hoepli family. A city patron and benefactor, in 1930 he donated a planetarium to the city of Milan, among the first in the world. Citation prepared by Hoepli family.

(from MPC 32791)


(8208) Volta

Alessandro Volta Named in memory of Alessandro Volta (1745-1827), physicist at the University of Pavia. His discovery of the significance of separating silver-zinc disk pairs with disks of moist cardboard was the key to his invention of the battery, just 200 years ago. Volta also made important contributions to meteorology and the study of gases, notably with his discovery of methane.

(from MPC 34627 and 34673)


(8209) Toscanelli

Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli (1397-1482) was an Italian physician, astronomer, cosmographer and mathematician. Columbus may have used his map of the world on the 1492 voyage. Toscanelli was the first to plot observations of comets on star charts, thereby supplying considerably improved information about their sky positions.

(from MPC 66724)


(8935) Beccaria

Cesare Beccaria Cesare Beccaria (1738-1794) was an Italian Enlightenment thinker. In his most important work, Dei delitti e delle pene, Beccaria took sides against the death penalty, supporting the educational function of punishment.

(from MPC 40703)


(9111) Matarazzo

Giuseppe Matarazzo The Sicilian amateur astronomer Giuseppe "Corrado" Matarazzo (b. 1946) is an experienced mathematician whose interests include orbital computations. In 1995 he co-authored Elementi di Calcolo delle Orbite.

(from MPC 36947)


(9115) Battisti

Lucio Battisti Named in memory of Lucio Battisti (1943-1998), innovative Italian composer and singer. He wrote many songs for himself and other singers, among them "Emozioni" and "I giardini di marzo". Beginning in 1973, he lived in a small village in the neighborhood of the observatory where this minor planet was discovered.

(from MPC 33389)


(9796) Robotti

Aurelio Robotti Aurelio Robotti (1913-1994) was a lieutenant in the Italian Air Engineers and later professor in aerospace engineering at the Turin Polytechnic. He began studies on rocket fuel using liquid oxygen and ethanol, and tested the first Italian-built liquid-fuel missile.

(from MPC 109631)


(10387) Bepicolombo

Giuseppe Colombo Giuseppe (Bepi) Colombo (1920-1984), a mathematician at the University of Padova, made fundamental contributions to the theory of resonances, notably with regard to the Kirkwood gaps and the rotation of Mercury. He also pioneered the use of planetary encounters for gravity assists in arranging space missions.

(from MPC 40704)


(10605) Guidoni

Umberto Guidoni The astrophysicist and astronaut Umberto Guidoni (b. 1954) made the first flight onboard of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 1996, performing electrodynamics experiments with the TSS satellite (ASI/NASA). Guidoni is the first Italian astronaut to achieve the title of Mission Specialist.

(from MPC 41937)


(10606) Crocco

Gaetano Arturo Crocco Gaetano Arturo Crocco (1877-1968), Italian pioneer in aeronautics and space science, designed revolutionary airships and patented a cyclic pitch design for helicopter rotors. A professor of aeronautics in Rome, he founded the Italian Rocket Society.

(from MPC 45233)


(11145) Emanuelli

Pio Emanuelli Pio Emanuelli (1888-1946) begun his astronomical career by working for many years at the Vatican Observatory and teaching astronomy and history of astronomy at Rome University. He was also a scientific journalist and well-known popularizer of astronomy.

(from MPC 53174)


(11652) Johnbrownlee

John W. Brownlee John W. Brownlee (b. 1973) was the system administrator, principal programer and an observer on the Catalina Sky Survey team during 1998-2000. The citation was prepared by T. B. Spahr.

(from MPC 44186)


(11970) Palitzsch

Johann Georg Palitzsch Johann Georg Palitzsch (1723-1788) was a farmer by profession and an astronomer by vocation. He recovered comet 1P/Halley on its first predicted return in 1758 and observed further comets, as well as variable stars such as Mira and Algol. The citation was prepared by P. Brosche.

(from MPC 45234)


(12405) Nespoli

Paolo Angelo Nespoli, Italian Astronaut Paolo Angelo Nespoli (b. 1957) joined the European Space Agency 's European Astronaut Center in 1991 and its European Astronaut Corps in 1998. The second Italian Mission Specialist, he made his first flight aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in 2007 for the construction of the International Space Station.

(from MPC 61267)


(12410) Donald Duck

Donald Duck Donald Duck, the famous character of Walt Disneys cartoons, has amused generations of children and adults alike.

(from MPC 72199)


(13689) Succi

Carlo Succi Carlo Succi (1919-2000), a professor of physics at the University of Milan, was also director of the local section of the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare. His interests ranged from a pioneering study of cosmic rays to the development of the Milan 50-MeV cyclotron.

(from MPC 44110)


(13777) Cielobuio

Cielobuio-Italian association against light pollution Cielobuio is the Italian association against light pollution. Cielobuio played a fundamental role in Lombardy to support the passage of a regional law, one of the most advanced in the world. Through its electronic mailing list, Cielobuio connects both amateur and professional astronomers.

(from MPC 41572)


(14024) Procol Harum

British rock band, Procol Harum This British rock band, formed in the early 1960s, adopted the name Procol Harum in 1967. It is said either to have been the name of a friend's cat or to represent, although in formally incorrect Latin, ``far from these things''.

(from MPC 49099)


(14103) Manzoni

Alessandro Manzoni Alessandro Manzoni (1785-1873) was an Italian poet and novelist. He is mainly remembered as the author of the novel I promessi sposi (The Betrothed), a masterpiece of world literature, about the story of a long-deferred marriage of two peasants named Renzo and Lucia.

(from MPC 87993)


(14104) Delpino

Federico Ernesto Delpino, Italian Astronomer Federico Ernesto Delpino (1946-2007), an astronomer at the Bologna Observatory, began his scientific career by studying x-ray and \gamma -ray sources and the microwave cosmic background. He contributed to the creation of the electronic network at the University of Bologna and participated in astronomical popularization.

(from MPC 61268)


(15379) Alefranz

Ale and Franz, Italian comedians Alessandro Bisentini and Francesco Villa met in Milan at the Center School of Theatre in 1995. In a short time they became a popular Italian comedian duo, and their success was consolidated by a book in 2001 and a movie in 2005. The name was suggested by the second discoverer, a long-time friend of both comedians.

(from MPC 56613)


(16682) Donati

Giovanni Battista Donati The Tuscan astronomer Giovanni Battista Donati (1826-1873) made important contributions to the early development of stellar spectroscopy, being also the first to observe a cometary spectrum. He was director of the Florence Observatory and discoverer of six comets, among them the spectacular naked-eye comet C/1858 L1.

(from MPC 52324)


(16749) Vospini

Giancarlo Vospini Giancarlo Vospini (1935?2017) was an electronic engineer by profession and amateur astronomer by vocation. He was a member of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory and particularly active in popularization. .

(from MPC 107739)


(18426) Maffei

Paolo Maffei The career of Paolo Maffei (b. 1926), former director of the Catania Observatory and an astronomer at Arcetri, Bologna, Asiago and Hamburg, has covered comets, variable stars, evolution of the universe, history of astronomy and popularization of astronomy through many inspired books.

(from MPC 46683)


(18542) Broglio

Luigi Broglio Luigi Broglio (1911-2001), aereonautical engineer and dean of the aerospace engineering school of the University of Rome ''La Sapienza'' , conceived and directed the San Marco Project, a cooperative space initiative between Italy and the U.S. The Italian space launch facility San Marco was also completed under his direction.

(from MPC 49675)


(18556) Battiato

Franco Battiato Franco Battiato (b. 1945), Sicilian polyhedric artist, is an honorary member of the Associazione Astrofili Ionico-Etnei. He turns his feelings into music, painting and cinema. Through the telescope he observes the Universe, deriving inspiration for his songs.

(from MPC 50463)


(19287) Paronelli

Fede Paronelli Fede Paronelli (1893-1944) held a degree in philosophy and studied astronomy with Camille Flammarion in Paris. During 1931--1942 she was a tireless lecturer at Civico Planetario Hoepli in Milano. During hundreds of conferences she illustrated the beauties of the skies, bridging together science, poetry, music and philosophy.

(from MPC 53954)


(19318) Somanah

Radhakhrishna Dinesh Somanah Radhakhrishna Dinesh Somanah (b. 1960) has been a professor of physics and astrophysics at the University of Mauritius since 1987. As one of the three pioneers of professional astronomy in the republic, he was particularly involved in the construction of the Mauritius Radio Telescope.

(from MPC 59922)


(19398) Creedence

Creedence Clearwater Revival With its original sound, Creedence Clearwater Revival, frequently referred to as CCR or simply "Creedence", was an American rock band that gained popularity in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

(from MPC 66725)


(21289) Giacomel

Luigino Giacomel Luigino Giacomel (b. 1960) is an engineer, in the last 20 years Luigino has designed and helped with the start-up of some of the most important telescopes and radio-telescopes in the world, such as LBT , VLT , ALMA and E-ELT .

(from MPC 80327)


(22500) Grazianoventre

Graziano Ventre Graziano Ventre (b. 1954) is an active member of the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano and from his personal observatory , near his home in Bellagio (Italy), he obtains astrometric positions of comets and pictures of deep sky objects.

(from MPC 112430)


(23571) Zuaboni

Patrizia Zuaboni Patrizia Zuaboni (b. 1958), an affectionate friend of both discoverers, contributed to the idea that they should get married.

(from MPC 68447)


(26197) Bormio

Bormio - Lombardia Bormio is a very ancient and pleasant village in the Rhaetian Alps, 200 km from Milan. It hosts a biennial meeting on planetary sciences, and the name was suggested by A. Manara on the occasion of the fourth meeting in the series.

(from MPC 45341)


(27855) Giorgilli

Antonio Giorgilli Antonio Giorgilli(b. 1949), professor of mathematical physics at the University of Milan, distinguished himself in his productive career with numerous works in perturbation theory of Hamiltonian systems, with applications to studies of the longterm orbital stability of major and minor planets.

(from MPC 67760)


(27900) Cecconi

Massimo Cecconi Massimo Cecconi (b. 1965) has worked on the GAIA mission and for the International Space Station.

(from MPC 73983)


(27958) Giussano

Giussano, Villa Sartirana and Torre Boffi Giussano, a town in the heart of Brianza, is famous for its furniture design companies. Among the town's historical monuments and villas is the Villa Sartirana, recently renovated. Home to the local library, this villa hosts in its decorated halls cultural events, including some aimed at astronomical popularization.

(from MPC 71349)


(31244) Guidomonzino

Guido Monzino Guido Monzino (1928-1988) was an Italian explorer who followed the Latin maxim "Gradatim Conscenditur Ad Alta". The Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como is now a museum dedicated to Monzino's expeditions.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 2, #16)


(31254) Totucciogrisanti

Salvatore (‘Totuccio’) Grisanti Salvatore (Totuccio) Grisanti (1947-2020) was an Italian professor of literature and philosophy. He was a connoisseur of the history of the artistic heritage of his country and was a supporter of the creation of the Gal Hassin Astronomical Park in Isnello (Sicily). Name proposed by M. Di Martino.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 3, #11)


(32931) Ferioli

Luigi Ferioli Luigi Ferioli (b. 1938), amateur astronomer, enthusiastic popularizer of astronomy, skilful telescope and sundial maker, and author of Appunti di ottica astronomica.

(from MPC 76675)


(32944) Gussalli

Luigi Gussalli Luigi Gussalli (1855-1950) was a mechanical engineer and designer of an experimental "double reaction" engine in 1920. He spent a considerable part of his life in studying and developing space-vehicle propulsion application devices to travel to the moon.

(from MPC 46112)


(33035) Pareschi

Dr. Giovanni Pareschi The main research activity of Italian astronomer Giovanni Pareschi (b. 1966) concerns the development of astronomical instrumentation, particularly optics for space-based and ground-based telescopes. Since 2008 he has been director of the Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica Brera Astronomical Observatory in Milan.

(from MPC 68448)


(35270) Molinari

Emilio Molinari Emilio Molinari (b. 1963), developed his astronomical career in Brera Observatory, Milan, beginning with the study of distant clusters of galaxies then shifting to technology group. He now serves as director of the Telescopio Nazionale Galileo and Rapid Eye Mount observatories.

(from MPC 77507)


(35316) Monella

Rinaldo Monella Rinaldo Monella (b. 1948) is a well-known Italian amateur astronomer who has specialized in photoelectric photometry, making in particular observations of novae and cataclysmic variables. He has written many articles for astronomical periodicals and is a member of several Italian and international associations.

(from MPC 46013)


(35334) Yarkovsky

Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky Ivan Osipovich Yarkovsky (1844-1902) was a talented Russian engineer who put forward the idea that asymmetric heating of the planets by the sun can produce an additional force. The ``Yarkovsky Effect'' is indeed noticeable in the motions of some artificial earth satellites and small minor planets.

(from MPC 57424)


(37022) Robertovittori

Roberto Vittori Italian astronaut Roberto Vittori (b. 1964) made the first flight on board the Soyuz capsule in 2002, docking with the International Space Station and performing medical experiments. He is the third astronaut from the European Space Agency to visit the ISS.

(from MPC 46013)


(37706) Trinchieri

Ginevra Trichieri Ginevra Trinchieri (b. 1955) has worked on galaxies, groups, clusters and their evolution, particularly on their high energy properties. She is currently the president of the Italian Astronomical Society and the Italian representative and outreach contact in the IAU .

(from MPC 110634)


(37734) Bonacina

Celestino Bonacina Celestino Bonacina (b. 1947) made his private observatory available to schoolchildren for many years. In the 1980s his experience was essential for the building of the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano, where this minor planet was discovered.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 2, #2)


(39653) Carnera

Luigi Carnera Luigi Carnera (1875-1962) began his career as Max Wolf's assistant at the Heidelberg Observatory, Germany, where he discovered sixteen new asteroids in 1901/02. Later, he taught astronomy in Genoa and was director of Trieste and Naples Observatories.

(from MPC 94390)


(39734) Marchiori

Gianpietro Marchiori Gianpietro Marchiori (b. 1953) is the founder of EIE Group, an Italian company that has been involved in the construction of optical and radio telescopes around the world. Under his enthusiastic management, projects such as VLT, LBT, ALMA and E-ELT were developed.

(from MPC 103025)


(43956) Elidoro

Claudio Elidoro Claudio Elidoro (b. 1956), a graduate in astronomy from Bologna University, is active in the popularization of science. He has written many articles for Italian astronomical magazines about the minor bodies of the solar system.

(from MPC 57951)


(43957) Invernizzi

Luca Invernizzi Italian amateur astronomer Luca Invernizzi (b. 1966) is founder of the Associazione Astrofili Valtellinesi and co-promoter of the ``G. Piazzi'' Observatory. Author of a book and many articles about astronomy in Italian newspapers and magazines, he is an active member of Cielobuio, an anti-light-pollution association.

(from MPC 57952)


(43993) Mariola

Mariola Magnoni Mariola Magnoni Tieghi (b. 1934), former president of Como Inner Wheel Club, promoted with strength and devotion the values of quality of life in every social and cultural environment.

(from MPC 51981)


(46691) Ghezzi

Pierangelo Ghezzi Pierangelo Ghezzi (b. 1956) is an Italian amateur astronomer. He has made observations of variable stars and co-discovered some minor planets.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 2, #2)


(48640) Eziobosso

Ezio Bosso Ezio Bosso (b. 1971) is an Italian pianist, director and composer of classical music, who is one of the most influential musician of his generation. He has performed with the world's premier orchestras and received many awards

(from MPC 98714)


(48643) Allen-Beach

Bill Allen and Sally Beach Bill Allen (b. 1947) and Sally Beach (b. 1950) are publishing and life partners who produce daily minor-object news online to inform the public and to serve those engaged in minor-object science, including especially amateur astronomers.

(from MPC 51981)


(55810) Fabiofazio

Fabio Fazio Fabio Fazio (b. 1964) debuted in October 1983 at RAI, the Italian public service broadcaster. Beginning in 2003 he has been conducting a talk show with scientists, writers and other celebrities.

(from MPC 66727)


(55854) Stoppani

Antonio Stoppani In 1905 Eugenio Stoppani (1850-1917) erected a mountain refuge, now the site of the Sormano Observatory, in the place where his father Edoardo Stoppani (1818-1892) died accidentally. Antonio Stoppani (1824-1891) (probably a distant relative) was a distinguished palaeontologist.

(from MPC 101216)


(59087) Maccacaro

Tommaso Maccacaro Tommaso Maccacaro (b. 1951) has worked in high-energy astrophysics and x-ray astronomy since 1976. He is currently director of the INAF-Osservatorio di Brera in Milan and chairman of the European Space Agency Astronomy Working Group (2007-2009).

(from MPC 59924)


(69961) Millosevich

Elia Millosevich Elia Millosevich (1848-1919) was professor of astronomy at the Istituto Nautico in Venice and later director of the Collegio Romano Observatory, where he enthusiastically observed minor planets and comets. He was also skilled in computing orbits, notably for (433) Eros.

(from MPC 52326)


(69971) Tanzi

Pepe Tanzi, Italian designer Pepe Tanzi (b. 1945) studied at the Politecnico of Milano, where he graduated in architecture in 1969. He started working as an industrial designer with special attention to lighting systems. One of his latest products allows the light to be placed where it is needed, thereby saving energy.

(from MPC 61269)


(79271) Bellagio

Bellagio -CO- Italy Bellagio is a world-famous tourist destination situated on the Lake Como a few kilometers north of the Sormano Astronomical Observatory.

(from MPC 54177)


(79472) Chiorny

Vasilij G. Chiorny Vasilij G. Chiorny (b. 1953) is a prolific asteroid photometrist at the Kharkiv Observatory. He is the principal discoverer of one binary asteroid and co-discoverer of several others, using the photometry technique. He has co-authored a number of papers on binary and other asteroids. Name suggested by P. Pravec and A. Harris.

(from MPC 100607)


(79847) Colzani

Enrico Colzani Enrico Colzani (b. 1956) has dedicated many years to popularizing and teaching astronomy. Recently his efforts have been directed towards the realization of a planetarium near the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 2, #2)


(100641) Cledassou

Cledassou Rodolphe Cledassou (1965-2023) was a French space engineer. He was Project Manager for the French Space Agency's Simbol-X, ATHENA/XIFU, ARIEL and EUCLID programs and Technical Director of the French Nuclear Physics Institute IN2P3.

(from WGSBN Bull WGSBN Bull. 4, #2)


(185733) Luigicolzani

Luigi Colzani Luigi Colzani (1922-2015) was an enthusiastic and helpful collaborator at Sormano Astronomical Observatory. He built hand-crafted cabinets to improve the use of the observatory by amateur astronomers and enthusiasts who frequent it.

(from MPC 98714)


(190310) De Martin

Davide De Martin Davide De Martin (b. 1971) is an Italian amateur astronomer, author and popularizer of astronomy. He pioneered the creation of color images from Digitized Sky Survey data, and has produced a series of Hubble Telescope's most iconic images.

(from MPC 73985)


(344581) Albisetti

Walter Albisetti Walter Albisetti (1957-2013) was a Professor at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milano. He was also the Health Director of the corps de ballet at the La Scala Theatre of Milano and he led several medical projects in Africa.

(from MPC 85915)



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