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Sormano' telescope, 50 cm f/6.8 Sormano' telescope and its dome

The "Cavagna Telescope" is the main instrument of the Observatory. It is a Ritchey-Chr?tien Astrograph with a structure in Carbon Fiber, produced by RCOS (Ritchey-Chr?tien Optical System) and a primary mirror of 50 cm or 20 inch (f/6.8). Mounted on its back a 15 cm (6 inch) refractor and a 17.8 cm (7.2 inch) Maksutov guide telescope (f/15). All these instruments are installed on a robotic german mount developed by the italian 10Micron company.

A small CCD camera connected to the Maksutov telescope is controlled via PC through a software developed to allow useful follow-up of asteroids and comets. The refractor is used for planets or Sun observation during the diurnal session, through a Daystar solar filter coupled with a CCD camera.

An FLI (Finger Lakes Instrumentation) CCD camera (PROLine PL09000 model equipped with a 3056*3056 front-illuminated sensor KAF-09000 by ON Semiconductor connected to the RCOS telescope direct focus (focal lenght of 3455 mm, FOV 36 x 36 arcmin). In good conditions it is possible to reach magnitude 21.5 V.



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