Stefano Andreon Press Releases

Discovery of a depressed galaxy cluster (in italien, 2019)

NASA's Swift Reveals Depressure in a Galaxy Cluster (2019)

A new light on the evolution of the galaxies (in italien, 2014)

Very Distant Galaxy Cluster Confirmed (2014)

A galaxy cluster rewrite the history of the cosmos (in italien, 2010)

JKCS041:Galaxy Cluster Smashes Distance Record (2009)

UKIRT, CFHT, and Chandra team up to unveil the most distant galaxy cluster ever (2009)

A record-breacking cluster: the most distant ever seen (2009)

First X-ray mosaic, XMM-LSS (2003) also here

Persee, un amas jeune et instable (in french, 1994)