Elusive Clusters

October 2021: Elusive Clusters Meeting II.

Puddu - Do gas poor galaxy clusters have different galaxy populations?
Gavazzi - Elusive Clusters Lensing Status
Andreon - Lx-M color coded as in Gavazzi presentation (green== data ok, yellow == maybe).
Ragagnin - Update on Theoretical investigations

June 2021: kick-off meeting, session 1.

Andreon - X-ray faint clusters: definition and first propertiess
Ragagnin - Theoretical investigations
Puddu - What galaxies tell us about why these clusters are elusive
Benoist/Maurogordato: What's around these clusters?
Dell'antonio - Weak lensing from DECAM
Gavazzi: Weak lensing from non-DECAM
Trinchieri: XRT X-ray deep follow-up

June 2021: kick-off meeting, session 2.

Andreon: Recap of previous session
Kale: radio investigations
Castagna: joint X-ray/SZ/wl analyses
Murgia: SRT+MISTRAL camera performances
what eRosita might give us and first thoughts about a possible SRT follow-up.

Master table with all cluster properties.

(to be filled up as results come) master table

SDSS Navigator view of the cluster sample

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Links to papers presenting derived quantities

Coordinates, redshift, mass & X-ray luminosity
Sample selection, gas mass and gas fraction
Scatter and bias of caustic masses
Deep X-ray follow-up of one specific cluster X-ray faint for its mass