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May 2014, 21th: dissected

We now know the individual cluster membership of every galaxy in the cluster line of sight, enormly boosting our knownledge on galaxy cluster properties

HST-based color image of the most distant cluster known (click to enlarge)

The papers: A&A 526, A11 (arXiv), and ApJ, in press (arXiv)
INAF press release, Carnegie Observatories press release, Il sussidiario, also distributed by phys.org

Dec 2010, 14th: confirmation

JKCS041 has a fully formed red sequence, in spite the age of the Universe is 3 Gyr only at the cluster redshift.

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Click to walk through the true-color image of the sky around JKCS041
Click to see how the cluster redshift has been derived using the red sequence (audio in italien)

The paper:A&A 526, A11 (arXiv)
INAF press release (PDF), news, press-release tool-kit (in Italien), A&A highlight, Rainews24 (TV interview), see also  here.  It was featured (among many) by : Le Scienze (Italian version of Scientific American), Le stelle (march issue), Oggiscienza , Il sussidiario, La scienza in rete ... INAF Xmas video, Science Olympiad Student Center  , "Un anno stellare" by INAF, Una stella per amica,  ... and inspired this song also available here

  Oct 2009, 22th: discovery

true color image of the most distant cluster known

The redshift-holder cluster of galaxies JKCS041 at z~2.0 I co-discovered:

see also the CHFT/Terapix/WIRDS image and my home-made image.

The paper:  A&A 507, 147 (arXiv)

Press releases
: Chandra, CFHT (local mirror copy),  INAF (in italiano),
also being distributed by Spitzer, Bristol UniversityNASA, and A&A
It was featured (among many) by : Nature, New York Times, BBC, Belfast Telegraph, Il messaggero, Focus,
The Dayly Telegraph, Wired, ABC.es, Los Angeles Times,  CBC, EstadaoThe Independent, APOD, youtube, wikipedia, ...

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