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Sormano Astronomical Observatory:
History of the Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano

IAU MPC code 587

The Observatory of Sormano or Osservatorio Astronomico Sormano is located in the Prealpi Lombarde at an altitude exceeding one thousand meters, at about 40 km north of Milan.

The observatory of Sormano was dedicated in 1987. It was entirely built with the financial contribution of the partners of the Gruppo Astrofili Brianza (fifteen people altogether). Along the years it has oriented its instrumental evolution to the observation of Solar System minor bodies.

The first astrometrical observations were performed photographically in January 1989 and had as subject the famous minor planet 1989 AC (4179) Toutatis, following in the years by the discovery of many new minor planets, as result of a research activity.

Currently the activity includes follow-up of NEOs (Near Earth Objects) and computations (Software developed at Sormano Observatory) of their MOID (Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance) and close approaches to the Earth of PHAs (Potential Hazard Asteroids) including asteroids with H > 22.0. linked at the JPL-NASA Near Earth Object Program , go to our computation sections .

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A dedicated web page in italian language mainly devoted to the popular activity is available

ED 1950 reference used until May 10, 2017
Geographic coordinates ED50:
Longitude: 9° 13' 48".9 East
Latitude: 45° 53' 1".9 North
Height: 1128 m

Geographic coordinates WGS84:
Longitude: 9° 13' 45".05 East
Latitude: 45° 52' 58".65 North
Height: 1128 m, MSL

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