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Apophis' Earth-MOID (Minimum Orbit Intersection Distance)

The following graph shows (99942) Apophis Minimum Orbital Intersection Distance (MOID ) with Earth in a 110 years time span. The minimum value of about 0.2 Earth radii will take place in 2028 and 2038.


For Apophis we calculated an Earth-MOID value of 0.0000495 AU at Epoch 2029 Apr.13.0 TT = JDT 2462239.5. The Earth will cross the MOID-point (located about 175500 Km away from Apophis ascending node) at 2029 Apr.13.897. Apophis will reach its MOID-point about 21 minutes later at 2029 Apr.13.912 , about 8 minutes after its closest approach to Earth.


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