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                                                  Electronic Telegram No. 116
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     R. Quimby, P. Mondol, P. Hoeflich, and J. C. Wheeler, University
of Texas; and C. Gerardy, Imperial College, report the discovery of an
apparent supernova (mag about 18.5) in unfiltered CCD images taken on
Mar. 3.30 and 4.29 UT using the 0.45-m ROTSE-IIIb telescope at the
McDonald Observatory.  The new object is located at R.A. = 13h01m14s.84,
Dec. = +27o43'31".4 (equinox 2000.0), which is 3".5 west and 3".4 north
of the apparent host galaxy.  ROTSE-IIIb co-added images taken between
2004 Dec. 15 and 2005 Jan. 14 (limiting mag about 18.8) show nothing at
this position; there is clearly a new point source that is absent on the
Digitized Sky Survey.  A spectrum (range 430-890 nm) of SN 2005ap,
obtained on Mar. 7.46 with the 9.2-m Hobby/Eberly Telescope (+ Marcario
Low-Resolution Spectrograph) by B. Roman and V. Riley, shows a flat
continuum with broad absorption at 526 and 557 nm, and there are no
features that would suggest a Galactic source.  The spectrum is similar
to the recent CfA spectrum of 2005an (cf. IAUC 8491), but of higher S/N;
as with 2005an, Quimby et al. believe that SN 2005ap is an early type-II
supernova, but given the general lack of distinct features, they cannot
associate it with a template.

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2005 March 8                     (CBET 116)               Daniel W. E. Green

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